Contractors and AFCIs

Do you understand the application of AFCI Circuit Breakers vs. Outlet AFCIs in the electrical code?

Outlet manufacturers will try and tell you that it’s ok to use AFCI/GFCI outlets as direct replacements for AFCI breakers and that they’re less expensive.

Well, they’re wrong.

  1. First, AFCI outlets CANNOT protect UPSTREAM for parallel arcs per UL testing. Especially the home run portion of the circuit.
  2. The National Electrical Code is clear that in order to use an AFCI outlet, you must protect the home run (use conduit, encase in concrete, etc.).

Do you want to spend that time and money to do that? Is that a time and material savings? Read through our handout so you know the facts on AFCIs from circuit breakers through outlet options.

Download our two page handout that explains the importance of how your wiring practices and decisions installing AFCIs is critical to homeowner safety.