American Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Association

The American Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Association mission is to advise and make recommendations to code authorities on circuit protection issues and to advise the public on issues relating to electrical safety. We represent the major circuit breaker manufacturers in North America.

Contractors and AFCIs

Do you understand the application of AFCI Circuit Breakers vs. Outlet AFCIs in the electrical code?

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Why Care About Arcing Faults?

Arcing faults are a real hazard in electrical systems, including in the home. Avoid fires by understanding their causes.

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Electrical Inspectors

Why it is important to enforce the NEC on AFCIs to protect the homeowner?

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Understanding Dual Function Circuit Breakers

Dual function circuit breakers combine two functions into one. Meaning, more protection in one device!

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Simplify Your Life

Imagine not needing AFCI, GFCI, or Dual Function outlets and all the wiring hassles. It’s available today for your load center!

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