Simplify Your Life!

Imagine not needing AFCI, GFCI or Combination outlets and all the wiring hassles. It’s available today for your home!

Circuit breaker manufacturers now offer dual function circuit breakers. They provide COMPLETE circuit protection, including AFCI and GFCI, in one device.

Outlet protection is limited in nature and your load center may be capable of having this technology added to your home. You no longer have those GFCI outlet failures in the bathroom or kitchen. You can eliminate those outdoor exposed GFCIs and switch to standard outlets that are easier to install and replace.

We all know how troublesome those oversized GFCI outlets can be if you don’t have extra-deep outlet boxes. Those are the same troubles you get with AFCI outlets! Consider using dual function breakers in your installation and save the headaches and additional cost in the long run.