Understanding Dual Function Breakers

Dual function circuit breakers combine four functions into one! More protection in one device!

This type of circuit breaker is the latest design available on the market from the major manufacturers and provide more safety capability than ever before. In one circuit breaker, a dual function device provides:

  • Combination Type Arc Fault Circuit Protection
  • Ground Fault Circuit Protection (Class A - 5 mA)
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection

The benefit to the homeowner is greater protection in one device and ease of managing their electrical system. This includes no longer needing individual GFCI or combination outlets throughout your home and all the nuisance tripping and trying to locate them when they do trip. This also simplifies wiring for the electrician and allows the homeowner to manage all the circuits in their home from one location!

This also saves the homeowner money on future replacement costs of those outlets after they quick working and are out of warranty.